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Card N26: how to Request a Refund following a Hacking?

When we were in Turkey, I had the unpleasant surprise of being debited from a payment made in India . My n26 card has been hacked! For an amount of 221,09 € all the same!

The fraudulent payment in question. With “fashion” in the name of the store, there is little chance that I am the originator of the payment ^^

First good news: with the instant notification system of movements on your card, you can react quickly.

The second good news is that the claims process works well and you can get a refund quickly.

Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Lock the card

At the slightest suspicion, you can lock your card temporarily on the N26 application (in the “card settings” menu).

You can do this operation without any hesitation since this lock isn’t definitive, you can unlock in one click.

In my case it was very helpful since a few minutes later I received dozens (literally) of notifications of failed payment attempts.

No doubt, my card has been hacked.

Step 2: Request a new card

When you are sure that you have been hacked, you can ask for a new card to be sent with the reason “my card has been stolen”.

This operation will block your card permanently.

This is the only real inconvenience of hacking because the request for a new card will cost you 25 € and N26 proposes to send it only in France. Not very practical if you are abroad. So I had to pay in addition a DHL shipment to Turkey.

Step 3: Making the claim

Once these first two steps have been completed, you can serenely take the time to fill out the claim form that can be downloaded here. And send it to the supporte-mail address AT n26 DOT com.

No need to print the document, I filled it directly on the computer (although I must admit that an online form would be more convenient).

Step 4: wait for the refund

I got a first answer during the day telling me that my complaint was being studied (in concrete terms, N26 communicates the file to Mastercard, they are the ones who examine the file).

A few days later, I received a reply indicating that the dispute was accepted by Mastercard and I was reimbursed.

In the end, there will have been 6 days between the hacking, the complaint and the effective refund.

In the meantime, I had already picked up a new card.

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