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Compressed air shooting session in Montreal (Canada)

After a live-fire shooting session in Prague, it is almost a peaceful activity that we are doing today in Montreal.

While hanging out on the Groupon site we find an interesting offer: for 49 CAD (to which we’ll have to add a few dollars in taxes) we are entitled to a one hour session for two people with unlimited ammunition at Tir du soleil which is barely a few subway stations away from our apartment.

We bought the package on Groupon and we had to reserve a time slot on the Tir du soleil website.

Arrived on the spot, the person who welcomes us gives us targets of various sizes, a pair of protective glasses for Anh and installs us on the shooting range. During one hour, she will make us try several types of weapons and will explain us how to load and aim them since it differs according to the weapons.

We each have a stand and a button that allows us to bring the target back whenever we want to see where we have managed to shoot. With the distance, it is indeed impossible to see our score.

We start with a sniper-type sniper rifle. It’s quite impressive to be able to shoot at a tiny target when we are 10 meters away. After a few shots, we get bored quickly anyway because we only fire one shot each time (we have to reload after each shot) and the gun is quite heavy (Anh can’t open it to reload itself).

So we switch to the rifle, which is lighter and has a magazine of a dozen shots, which is much more fun

We will also test a revolver and a pistol. Having already had the opportunity to shoot with real weapons, these replicas are really faithful, one would believe it!

With our package, we are entitled to an unlimited number of shots. The couple next to us takes full advantage of it by shooting like a horse without stopping, it’s like being on a battlefield. On our side, we prefer to take the time to aim well and to have the best possible precision.

The advantage of air guns is that there is no recoil when you shoot, so it’s quite easy to hit the target even if you have no experience (incidentally it’s much less dangerous and it makes much less noise)

In this little game, Anh was the best.

We had a good and entertaining time, it’s an activity that we recommend when the weather isn’t nice as it is the case at the moment

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