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Drimsim: the best international SIM card (review + promo code)

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When we arrive in a country, one of our priorities is to have access to the internet with our phone. This will allow us to book a Uber, find a public transportation route, communicate via WhatsApp, … A lot of very practical things 🙂

There are generally two scenarios:

  • The country where we arrive is covered by our Free Mobile subscription. In this case there isn’thing to do, we use the internet thanks to our French SIM card.
  • The country isn’t covered by Free Mobile, so we buy a local SIM card.

In most cases, we buy the local SIM card directly at the airport.

A few exceptions to that:

  • The tourist offers at the airport are really too expensive, we will buy the local SIM card in town later.
  • We arrive very late and we are tired, we prefer to go to our accommodation as soon as possible.
  • We stay only a few days and it isn’t profitable to buy a SIM card

In these cases, it is still practical / reassuring to be able to use the internet. So we have a backup solution: the international SIM card Drimsim. There are several international SIM card offers but when you study them, the rates are often quite outrageous.

Drimsim: What is it?

Drimsim is a Russian telephone operator like many others.

Two major differences from traditional operators:

  • No subscription, you credit your card and only pay for what you use.
  • Drimsim has negotiated roaming rates with many operators around the world.

By buying a Drimsim SIM card, you have a phone number (Polish for our first SIM, English for the second) that you will be able to use to call, send / receive SMS, internet in all countries of the world, often with very competitive rates.

How do I get a Drimsim SIM card?

It’s very simple, just order it on the Drimsim website.

The card costs 10 €, you can order as many as you want.

Delivery was previously free of charge but is now charged 5 €

You will then receive a letter from Russia within 15 days with your SIM card inside.

How to activate your SIM card?

Once the SIM card is received, you need to download the application (Android or iOs) and send a photo of your passport. The validation and activation was done a few minutes later in my case.

You must then credit your account by credit card (via the application). The minimum credit amount is €25, it’s a bit high but the credit has no limit in time.

It is possible to reload automatically when you run out of credits but I preferred not to activate this option.

How do I configure the Drimsim card?

This is the only tricky little step since you have to manually configure the APN. The documentation available on the application is well done but it didn’t work. I contacted the support which was very reactive and found the solution to the problem.

How much does it cost?

The rate of use will depend on the country you are in. Sometimes the rate is very advantageous, sometimes not at all.

If we only look at the internet rates, here are some examples:

  • Thailand : 15 € / Go
  • Japan : 30 € / Go
  • Belarus : 10 € / Go
  • United States : 20 € / Go
  • Colombia : 50 € / Go
  • Turkey : 10 € / Go

When you arrive in a new country, launch your application, it will tell you the internet volume and the number of call minutes you can make with your current credit.

How long does your Drimsim card last?

It’s also very interesting, unlike most international SIM card offers which have a limited credit life, your Drimsim card and its credit have no limit!

The only small exception, if you don’t use your card for a full year, Drimsim will charge you 50 cents per month, debited from your credit, until you use it again

If your credit falls to 0, your card will be deactivated, you will have to buy another one.

What to do if you lose your Drimsim?

Following the theft of my phone in Colombia, I lost my Drimsim card 🙁

By contacting support, it is possible to block your SIM card (you will be asked for the last numbers of your passport to verify your identity).

Once the card is blocked, it is possible to order a new one for 10 €. You keep your credit and your number.

The only problem is the delay, it will have taken almost a month to arrive. Moreover, Drimsim does not ensure the portability of the number, so you will have a new one.

If you want to test DrimSim, go through this referral link, you will get a 10 € bonus on your first upload: https: //

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