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Vertoe Test & Review: A worldwide luggage deposit service (+ promo code)

If you would like to test Vertoe’s services, use this referral link to receive a 20% discount

After a month in Miami, it’s time to leave for a 15-day road trip by car throughout Florida

We had a moderate desire to leave all our expensive computer equipment unattended in the car for days on end, so we started looking for a solution to store our luggage in Miami for two weeks

That’s how I discovered Vertoe’s luggage deposit services.

Vertoe is an online service that offers many storage locations in Miami and around the world (Canada, USA, France, Thailand, Japan, … and many other countries). Many spaces are available in airports which can be very convenient.

Vertoe does not have its own storage facilities, but simply offers stores and hotels to make the most of their available space

The principle is very simple

  • On the Vertoe site, you identify the drop-off location you are interested in. In Miami, there are several of them and I found one in a youth hostel distant of hardly a few tens of meters from our lodging
  • You choose your start and end dates of storage by indicating your hours (which are only indicative because you can come at any time as long as you respect the opening hours of the place. It is therefore very convenient to choose a hotel that has a reception open 24 hours a day). The price varies slightly depending on the place but is around 6 dollars per day and per luggage. There is a discount of 15% for storage for at least 7 days and 30% for at least 30 days. You pay directly online. You then have 24 hours to cancel the reservation and receive a full refund. After 24 hours, it is always possible to change the dates if necessary
  • On the day of the deposit, you simply go to the chosen location and show proof of identity. A seal will be put on your luggage. Make sure that it is placed in the right place. Our interlocutor was about to hang it on the handle of the suitcase. The interest of a seal being to check that the suitcase has not been opened, it took all the interest out of it
  • Once the operation is done, take a picture of the seal number and retrieve the receipt. You can leave your luggage!
  • For the removal, I simply showed the photo of the seal to retrieve my suitcase. I would have liked to have been asked for my ID as well but that was not the case

Vertoe has a $5,000 guarantee if your luggage is lost. I don’t know how easy it is to get this compensation if something goes wrong, but the reviews available online are excellent

In the end, we left a suitcase for 14 days, it cost us 70 dollars which seems very reasonable to me

The experience is conclusive and I will not hesitate to call upon their service again

I also discovered that Vertoe’s competitors were offering similar services. I’m giving them to you as an indication but I haven’t had the opportunity to test them: Nannybag, Stasher and Bagbnb.

If you would like to test Vertoe’s services, use this referral link to receive a 20% discount

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