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Test & Review of Rebtel: call in France from abroad at local rate (+ promo code)

If you want to test Rebtel, you can use this referral link as a promo code. In addition to the free trial week, you’ll get a €5 discount on your first payment: https: //

As part of our work, we regularly have to call France from abroad, whether on landline or cell phone numbers.

Depending on the country we are in, we have two options:

  • Use our Free Mobile phone subscription: ideal for countries included in the Free offer.
  • Use OVH VOIP: in this case, the call is made via the Internet and therefore requires a correctupload connection.

When we were in Morocco or Turkey, our Wifi connection was a little bit just for the calls, so we went through the 4G Mobile network. The Go being very cheap, it was not a problem.

In Colombia, it’s a bit different. The Wifi is average and the Go of 4G relatively expensive (a little more than 5€).

So I searched and found an alternative that I didn’t know: Rebtel

It’s not a mistake on my part, the Rebtel logo is written upside down, don’t ask me why!

The principle of Rebtel? Allowing you to call any country in the world through a local phone number.

In other words: to call my client’s cell phone number in France, I can call a local Colombian number. Rebtel takes care of the redirection in full transparency

And that’s great because with our Colombian SIM card, we have unlimited local calls included!

Rebtel: how does it work?

The operation is very simple: just install the Android or iOS application, create an account and choose an offer

Once done, enter the phone number you want to reach directly on the Rebtel application.

Rebtel will turn your caller’s number into a local phone number that you can call in one click.

After this operation, nothing distinguishes the Rebtel call from a classic call. I spent several hours on the phone between Colombia and France, the sound was very good and there was no perceptible lag.

A nice little detail, Rebtel will display the local time of the person you’re calling, it can avoid making mistakes by using the wrong time zone

Rebtel allows you to call through three channels: the phone line, the Wifi network and the 3G / 4G mobile network.

By default, all channels are enabled and Rebtel automatically chooses the one that will offer the best quality.

In my case, I only use Rebtel for its phone line calling feature, so I disabled the other two channels.

Another option: it is possible to call a hidden number.

Otherwise, the local number will be displayed for your correspondent. This isn’t really interesting because this number will not work if the person tries to call you back.

Rebtel: how much does it cost?

Rates will depend on the country you wish to call (not on the country you are in). Overall the rates are very interesting especially since there is nodifferentiation between mobile and fixed rates.

If we take France, there are several offers:

  • Buy prepaid credit: €5 for 157 minutes and €8 for 251 minutes.
  • Take out a €5/month subscription (no commitment) to call France unlimited.
  • Take a €10/month subscription (no commitment) to call to 50 different countries unlimited.

The rates are also interesting to call to Africa, a continent that is usually quite expensive to call.

Rebtel offers a free trial week (but still requires a credit card number).

In addition to the Rebtel rate, you’ll have to pay for local calls, unless unlimited local calls are already included in your phone plan.

Problem encountered

When I wanted to test the free week, Rebtel refused the credit card number I entered. After a second failure with another card, I contacted support by email

He quickly replied that the format of my e-mail (my company’s, nothing special) had triggered a security alert. It’s original to say the least, and even more so for a free trial offer. So I tried again with a Gmail address and, miraculously, it worked.

Apart from this start-up problem, I’m very satisfied with Rebtel’s services so far.

If you want to test Rebtel, you can use this referral link as a promo code. In addition to the free trial week, you’ll get a €5 discount on your first payment: https: //

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