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Review of our first 6 months of World Tour

We left on June 6, 2016, direction South Africa. 6 months later, we arrived for the first time in South America

Here is the balance sheet of the first 6 months

The trip

  • 15 countries visited

    • Round the world tickets: South Africa – Qatar – India
    • Dry flights: Nepal – Thailand – Burma – Vietnam – China (Hong Kong & Macau only) – Philippines – Indonesia
    • Round-the-world tickets: Singapore – Malaysia – New Zealand – France (French Polynesia) – Chile (Easter Island + Santiago)

  • Among these 15 countries/areas, only Vietnam is the one we have already visited
  • Average time spent in each city: 2.5 days
  • 2 countries that werenot initially planned but that were added at the last moment: Thailand (the ticket to Burma from Nepal was too expensive); and the Philippines (they boycott Beijing because of their attitude in the China Sea)
  • 2 countries visited in express mode:Indonesia (they kindly lent us a villa with sea view in Batam) and Malaysia (mandatory to go from Singapore to New Zealand)
  • 2 countries that make us seriously want to live there: Burma and the Philippines . Thailand is part of JB’s list but Anh does not like to live there.
  • 5 main modes of transportation: Plane – Train – Boat – Bus/Car – Scooter. Unfortunately, the plane remains the main means of transportation

JB & Anh

  • We thought we knew each other at our fingertips after 5 years of marriage. Well, by being together 24 hours a day for 6 months, we discover each other even more. Don’t worry, we still love each other 🙂
  • For me (Anh), this beginning of the journey was a real revelation. Previously, I was very much in control and planning (the first 1.5 months of the trip were planned to the day; my LIFE was planned years in advance). Now I can live day to day and it’s much more enjoyable that way.
  • For JB, this beginning of the trip was the confirmation that his goal to be a “nomad worker” is possible. Provided that he has a good Wifi connection.
  • Both of us are surprised to realize how easy it is to live with few objects. Anh’s toilet bag is still to be optimized, but for the rest, we can consider ourselves as minimalist apprentices.
  • One gets used very quickly to the changes in comfort: living without a mobile network in South Africa, with permanent power cuts in Nepal, sleeping in a car in New Zealand, in 6m2 in Hong Kong, …


  • The cheapest country: India
  • Most expensive country: New Zealand
  • Best swimming pool: 90 meters long swimming pool (more or less) at the Daewoo hotel in Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • Best Beach: Koh Phangan (Thailand)



So, we were sick more often than usual, but everything got better very quickly

The fail(ure)s

There you have it, the first 6 months have been very positive. As far as landscapes are concerned, we’re going up in crescendo. After New Zealand, we were afraid to find nothing more beautiful than the New Zealand landscapes. Fortunately, we were wrong!

The next 5 months (and more) promise to be just as rich in emotions, landscapes, experiences… as we leave our comfort zone to visit South America and Cuba, where we’ve never set foot before.

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