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Mexico City or Ciudad de México (Mexico): Travel diary

I know it’s totally unfair to summarize Mexico City in a few lines, but I don’t have much time to give you a long post.

We met N., a French expat who spent +20 years at CDMX. So we were able to visit with her


Here you can find all kinds of insects – edible: spiders, worms, ants… there’s even lion meat!

The locals go there especially to taste the ceviche (there is a very famous restaurant there), the tourists go there especially to take pictures.

They also sell edible flowers <3 <3


This craft market is the best place to admire the works of artisans from all over Mexico. It’s terribly tempting, the prices are very sweet. There is a section dedicated to food as well. A very good address. Right next to it is a park where Mexicans come to dance, dressed in their 31.


Some time later, we visited the mercado Jamaica by ourselves. It is probably my favorite place in this huge city. We went there the day before Valentine ‘s day and this flower market is even more animated than usual.

There must be millions of flowers over there, we could buy 72 roses for a modest sum : 2,5€ ! Yes yes yes.

This market also sells fruits and vegetables, but it isn’t as impressive as the flowers.


I have always dreamed of going to CDMX after watching the James Bond opening scene “Spectre”. All the main square was closed for 2 weeks for the shooting. N. tells us that before, Mexicans did not celebrate the feast of the dead with a parade like in the movie, but since James Bond, they celebrate it at 007:D

This place is really exceptional and we recommend you to sip a cocktail either at: El Balcon del Zocalo (more chic). See the view below… (remember to book)

…or at Gran Hotel (where the movie “Spectre” was shot, less chic but with a better view).

The cathedral is huge and very very beautiful, outside and inside. I highly recommend that you take the time to explore it.

Mexico City has many hidden treasures. N. told us about the head of a Mayan stone snake hidden somewhere in the center… and about the “aliens” exhibit of a famous artist at the moment. But I confess that we only came here to get close to the butterfly reserve and Teotihuacan. The polluted air of this sprawling city does not do us any good. It’s been several weeks that I’ve been dragging a little cold and apart from a few famous spots, we unfortunately didn’t have the opportunity to explore the city more than that. Next time maybe. Only JB was able to go to two mythical places to watch a lucha libre match and a soccer match.

Immediately after Mexico City, as our plane ticket to Vietnam (with stopover) was cancelled because of the coronavirus, we have to go back to Europe (it is more economical for us) with a small stopover in Las Vegas.

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