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Pyramids of the Sun and Moon in Teotihuacán (Mexico)

Here is a great short travel notebook to quickly show you the pyramids we saw in Teotihuacán. Along with Palenque, Calakmul and Uxmal, these pyramids are among my favorites in Mexico.

Once one ofthe largest cities in Mesoamerica, Teotihuacán is only an hour from Mexico City. The Pirámide del Sol (Pyramid of the Sun) and the Pirámide de la Luna (Pyramid of the Moon) dominate the remains of the ancient metropolis, which, even after its fall in the 8th century, remained for a long time a place of pilgrimage for the Aztec royalty. Today, it attracts a crowd eager to soak up the mystical energies that are supposed to converge there

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How do I get to Teotihuacán by bus?

To get there, it’s very simple. Just take the metro to the “Autobuses del Norte” station (line 5). Then, find the door n°8, right next to it is the Teohihucan Bus Company which goes to the pyramids every 15 minutes approximately. You can buy the return ticket right away. For the return trip, you get on any bus, there is no fixed schedule. The ticket costs 52MXN one way or 104MXN round trip per person. The trip takes about 45mn.

Pyramids of Teotihuacán

The bus will drop you at the South entrance, but you can take the bus back from the North entrance (next to the Moon Pyramid) without any problem. Don’t hesitate to ask the locals where the bus goes because there isn’t necessarily a sign and people are very nice.

By laziness, and since the site is IMMENSE, we really didn’t feel like going to see the Templo de Quetzalcóatl but I think it’s a big mistake. If you’re there, don’t miss it.

I rushed to go and see the Pyramid of the Sun – which has been attracting me since the moment I saw it in the photo

I really can’t understand why Chichen Itza is better known than this one, because its size makes it a real pyramid, which is exactly what I expected to see when I was told about “pyramid”. Icing on the cake: you can go up to the top and admire the incredible view it offers (mountains, blue sky, ruins…). Absolutely Magnificent!

Watch out for the wind though, I almost lost my hat many times. The steps are well renovated, the climb isn’t that difficult, provided you take your time.

Everywhere on this site, the facades are particularly well decorated, contrary to other sites visited so far.

From the top, we have a breathtaking view of the pyramid of the Moon.

Then, climbing the pyramid of the Moon (smaller than the one of the Sun, but the steps are more inclined), we have a very satisfactory view of the whole site, on Calzada de los Muertos, the avenue connecting all the sites of Teotihuacan. JB forgot his glasses case here (in which his glasses were), so he had to go up and down the pyramid twice. Fortunately, he spotted a guard with his glasses case in his shirt pocket – and was able to retrieve them 😀

Not far from the exit, there are drawings by Jaguar, and the Palacio de Quetzalpapálotl with beautiful wall sculptures.

A museum allows to see other sculptures as well but I unfortunately botched the visit a little bit, not feeling very well.

45 minutes later, we are again in Mexico City, we take the subway to return to our Airbnb. All the subways are equipped with cars reserved only for women and children, don’t hesitate to use them, there will be less people (and it will be safer).

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