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How to request a tourist card for Cuba by mail?

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If you are on a world tour like us and you aren’t able to go to a Cuban consulate/embassy that can issue you a tourist card, you should know that it is quite possible to receive them by mail.
For this, use the service of Novela, a very serious agency.
Just enter :

  • information about your passport
  • dates of stay
  • your flight number

Payment is made online, by card, without 3D Secure (no need for SMS validation from the bank).
Cards will be sent the same day if the request is made before 5pm (subject to validation of payment).
The cards are nominative (to be completed yourself), and valid six months after the date of issue, for a 30-day stay, so don’t ask for them too soon either.

The rates

  • 27€/tourist card
  • Shipping costs :

    • 3€ in a followed letter (to France)
    • 1€ in simple letter (to France)
    • If you are in Europe or on French territory, you can choose to have these cards sent to you by mail followed Europe or Chronopost.

If you aren’t in Europe or DOM-TOM but on the other side of the world, the best thing to do is to have these cards sent to your relatives in France. Then they can send you by DHL to a DHL office in the country where you are located (do not send to your hostel/hotel/airbnb, the risk of loss is higher).
That said, this option is very expensive (about 60€ for a shipment within 72 working hours). So it should be done as a last resort, i.e. if you really don’t have a Cuban consulate/embassy where you are; and if possible at the same time as sending important documents such as a new credit card to make the cost profitable. If you calculate correctly, you will only have to wait a maximum of 2 days in the same city for your mail to arrive.
Note: We did it in Santiago (Chile), when my credit card was blocked for fraud and I had to receive a new ASAP card.
Another solution would be to purchase this tourist card directly at the airport, at check-in. This solution is proposed by some companies, and in some airports (in Bogota for example), just ask for information!

Insurance certificate

As for the insurance certificate (which you need to show to the Cuban immigration upon request, but not necessary to apply for the tourist card), even if you have Chapka or others, it is better to ask for the one of your payment card. For Visa card holders, go to this site: to fill out a form and receive it by email in 1 minute. You can choose to add the people who accompany you on your trip.
Note: It is specified that it is up to you to verify that these people meet the conditions to be covered by your insurance. So if this piece of paper does its job very well to pass the Cuban immigration, if you really want to count on the insurance of the card, check the conditions BEFORE.

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