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Test & review of the Onsen Tenzan-no-yu in Kyoto (Japan)

To find out how a session in an Onsen takes place, it’s this way.
We went to Onsen Tenzan-no-yu as it is about 15 minutes by bus from the Kyoto bamboo forest. After walking a lot, what better way to relax than a visit to Onsen?

As usual, shoes are removed before entering and stored in a locker (no room needed).

We recover the key of the locker and we are going to exchange it at the reception for another bracelet which is going to allow us to open and close our locker in the checkroom. With this same bracelet, we can buy drinks, eat at the restaurant or ask for a massage.
We’ll settle everything (including the entrance) when we get out.
The entrance is quite expensive: 1050 yens. At this price soap, shampoo, conditioner and facial cleansers are included.

If you don’t have one, you can rent a towel for 200 yen.
Tattoos aren’t allowed.

After undressing in the locker room, it’s time to relax.
I really liked this onsen which has for me the ideal size, neither too big nor too small.
No strangers on the horizon, I am the only tourist among the locals.
The interior space has several hot baths (up to 42°C) and a cold bath (18°C) as well as jacuzzis.
A huge sauna, always a source of astonishment for me where TV is broadcast.
Small disappointment, there is no hammam while there would be plenty of room.
The outdoor area is also very pleasant with two thermal baths. Special mention to the large individual baths.
Several spaces also allow you to lie down, very pleasant despite the cold air after boiling for a few minutes at 42°C.
For the ladies, there are even high-tech machines (overpriced) available for 100 yens per 5 minutes (light therapy machines, Refa, Dyson hair dryer…). This is the opportunity to test these best-sellers from the cosmetics department if you can’t afford one at home.
In conclusion, an essential passage if you come back from the bamboo forest even if the price is a little high.
Price: 1050 yen per entry. 200 yen for towel rental.
Payment by card is possible.
Schedules: every day from 10am to 1am.
Tattoos prohibited.

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