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Test and opinion of the Funaoka onsen in Kyoto (Japan)

If Google and TripAdvisor list it as an onsen, it is a sento (without thermal water).
We arrived for the opening at 3pm. Waited for about twenty people with a small half of foreign tourists.

It is so far the public bath that we have done in Japan with the most tourists. The fault lies with the Lonely Planet in which it is listed.
As usual, we take off our shoes before entering, no need for locker parts.

No automatic machine to buy the tickets, it is a friendly octogenarian who runs the store.
Unbeatable rates: 430 yen the entrance.
Soap and shampoo aren’t included, you can buy them for 40 and 30 yens respectively.

Don’t forget to bring a towel, I’ve seen tourists who aren’t used to forget it and are quite annoyed when leaving the sento. You can buy one on the spot for 200 yens if you need it.
The sento is quite small but pleasant. Even if there is a good proportion of tourists, one can feel that it is an authentic place where the locals come to wash themselves.
Several hot baths inside. Be careful, there is an electric bath. It is indicated in English but in a rather discreet way. I don’t know who appreciates this kind of baths because I have never seen the locals using them (some tourists risk half a second like me, before realizing their mistake).
A very small outdoor area provides access to a sauna, a very cold bath and a very hot bath.
As usual, I really enjoyed the transition from sauna to cold bath.
I was amused to watch the lost tourists, not knowing how to proceed, it was obviously their first experience of public baths in Japan. This is my 4th session, I feel like an expert now (read my article on how to behave at onsens/sentosšŸ™‚
In the end, a very pleasant sento after a day of visiting Kyoto where one tends to walk a lot. Given the price, it would be a shame to deprive oneself.
Price: 430 yen per entry. 40 yens the soap, 30 yens the shampoo. 200 yens the purchase of the small towel.
Payment in cash only.
Schedules: every day from 3pm to 1am. Sundays from 8am to 1am.
I read in the comments on Tripadvisor that tattoos were accepted. I certainly didn’t see any indication to the contrary.

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