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Cancel your services in 3 clicks: Test and review of


Preparing a world tour means planning the itinerary, reading travel guides, buying equipment, dreaming about the images of our future destinations, …

But it’s also a lot of things a bit more annoying: refurbishing the apartment before giving it back, selling and giving away 10 years of accumulated objects, …

One of those annoying tricks: the cancellation of all the services that we are happy to take out of our bank account every month.

In our case, I have for the moment listed :

  • SFR box subscription
  • Autolib Subscription
  • Keep Cool Sports Club Membership
  • Pathé Cinema Subscription

For each of these services, you’ll have to find the cancellation conditions, write a letter, find the address to send it to, go to the post office to send it by registered mail (you can send a registered mail online, but the service is really bad), …

In short, lost time and galleys in perspective.

It was while I was taking these steps that I discovered the resilier.frservice

A nice design from the early 2000s doesn’t really inspire confidence at first glance.


However, you will quickly find very interesting information such as the cancellation conditions, the address and even a sample cancellation letter.


At this stage, you have already retrieved free of charge all the information necessary to write and send your letter of cancellation but remains the torture of going to the post office.

Pushing my curiosity, I click on “Cancel your Autolib pass online”

The service then asks me for my contact details, my Autolib subscription number and generates the cancellation letter.


All that’s left to do is to pay €7.49 by credit card or Paypal.

Bearing in mind that a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt costs €5.42, the service costs only €2.07

For the time and the headache saved, I pay these 2 € with pleasure.

I then receive a tracking code by e-mail that allows me to see where my mail is at.


I have tested this service once with success to cancel my cinema subscription, for this article, I have just sent my cancellation letter for Autolib.

The first test went smoothly, so I warmly recommend this service 🙂

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