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Wifi Analyser: Android application to measure the strength of the Wifi signal

When you arrive in a hotel room or an Airbnb accommodation, you don’t necessarily know where the Wifi terminal is located

Even if you know where it is, the quality of the Wifi signal can be greatly reduced because of the thickness of the walls.

It is therefore interesting to try toidentify the place where the signal is the best. Depending on this location, you will be able to place your computer or your wifi pocket that acts as a repeater in the optimal place.

I particularly had this need in Guatemala where the walls of the house were particularly thick.

I then discovered the free Android application Wifi Analyser, which is very simple, but which is particularly suited to this need.

The intensity of the Wifi signal is measured in dBm (decibel-milliwatt): don’t ask me what it means exactly: no idea.

It is always the case that the closer the dBm is to zero, the betterthe intensity of the Wifi signal is.

The application displays 3 needles :

  • The most left hand indicates the worst intensity you have measured
  • The rightmost one indicates the best intensity you have measured
  • The red needle indicates the intensity measured in real time.

Walk around your home until you find the place where the intensity is optimal.

Two other very practical screens also allow you to see the signal intensity of all the Wifi networks you are receiving even if you aren’t connected

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