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Viva Aerobus: boarding pass, tax for non-residents

When we booked our flight from Mexico City to Las Vegas via the airline Viva Aerobus, there were two pieces of information that were a little anxious.

A tax for non-residents

A message indicated that non-residents would have to pay a tax at the counter. I couldn’t find any information on the amount of this tax.

In the end, we had nothing to pay on our international flight.

I don’t know what the situation is regarding domestic flights.

The boarding pass

When you try to do the checkin online, it is clearly indicated that you must absolutely have your boarding pass (having printed or downloaded it) otherwise you will have to pay 200 MXN per person.

However, it was impossible to generate the boarding passes, an error message was displayed.

I contacted the support who answered that for international flights, it was not possible to generate the boarding pass online and that it would be issued for free at the airport, which was the case.

In the end, two sources of incomprehension a bit stressful for nothing, everything went well 🙂

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