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Spanish breakfast: Tostadas / Molletes and Churros

In France, we have a traditionally sweet breakfast.If this diet did not cause me any problems during my childhood, when I became an adult, it no longer suited me: stomach ache, digestion problems, I stopped eating breakfast in the morning for years.It was only recently that I realized that a salty breakfast was much better for me. Egg on the plate, cheese or ham have therefore replaced cereals, jam and buns.During our world tour on 5 continents, I had the opportunity to experience several types of breakfast.I have a weakness for the Vietnamese soup Bún riêu (I’ll have to tell you about it…) cooked by the shopkeeper who is always so amused to see me disembark in her tiny shop.Breakfasts in some South American countries with ham and cheese were also very good for me.But it was while discovering the Andalusian breakfast that I fell in love with it. I discovered the tostadas (or molletes), an absolute kiff!

Las tostadas

Tostadas are slices of toasted bread spread with olive oil(aceite). You can add a thin layer of crushed tomato(tostadas con aceite y tomate) and even Serrano ham if you want a champion breakfast(tostadas de jamón con aceite y tomate).A real killer, the good taste of olive oil remains in the mouth for a long time, a delight!The price is rather moderate, count about 1.5 / 2 € per tostada.

Churros con chocolate

Another typically Spanish option also for those who prefer sweetness: hot chocolate / churros!Hot chocolate is much different from what we are used to drinking, it is much thicker.It’s less dietetic (and may require you to do a fasting course) but once in a while it feels good. Count about 3 € for this breakfast.

Examples of Spanish breakfast rates (menu of a café in Granada)

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