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Interview with Brigitte Baudoz, founder of the service Courrier Du Voyageur (+code for 1 month free)

Brigitte Baudoz, co-founder of the Courrier Du Voyageur service, has honored us by agreeing to answer our questions. Interview.

Hello, thank you for agreeing to answer our questions. Can you tell us your personal story that led to the creation of your company?

We traveled with our backpack for several months in South America and Asia. A few years later, we discovered navigation and were able to travel in the Caribbean Sea for 2 years. Finally, we were also expatriates for two years. This gave us the idea to propose a mail management service for travelers. We created the postal mail on Internet whereas that did not exist anywhere!

What is the added value of your service compared to sending our mail to our relatives?

Thanks to our services, a traveler or a nomad can leave with peace of mind. Everything is recorded, scanned and he can follow online from his smartphone the reception of his postal mail. It’s an economical service that allows you to be free of the family. Because it is recognized by our customers that it can be embarrassing to ask for outside help with their personal mail. The family also has other priorities!

Courrier du Voyageur was created in 2005, what have been the major developments since then?

Courrier du Voyageur is a brand for individuals. We have also developed Colibox – parcel service for expatriates and for foreign companies and for French companies.
In addition to mail scanning, we offer invoice and check processing. We are able to digitize the documents and offer an electronic safe or deposit the digitized pages on your cloud.

We receive Internet purchases from travelers and expatriates and send them securely to the other side of the world. We also have switchboard and telephone reception services for companies.

Your service is primarily aimed at travelers, what are the other types of customers who use your services?

Travellers, expatriates, yachtsmen, travelling professionals and companies.

On a personal basis, we use your services for receiving and scanning mail, receiving registered mail, forwarding and also for cashing checks. What other services do you offer?

The DOCAMEE service is our new service. It allows you to retrieve on the web all the documents and files in order to group them in your online space Courrier du Voyageur. This can be a bill from your cell phone, a bill from a purchase on Amazon, etc…

You “saved our lives” when our credit card was blocked during our world tour. Within 72 hours you received our new card and sent it via DHL to Santiago, Chile. Do you have any other anecdotes of this kind?

A client received a letter to be sworn to sit while on a long trip. Reading it online allowed him to manage the situation with the authorities.

Many clients appreciate – if one can put it that way – being aware of their tickets before the penalties apply!!

Is the mail processing process manual or automated?

The process is semi-automated with numerous processing tools. This is what allows us to offer an excellent price to our customers.

When we describe your service to our loved ones one of the recurring reticence is the question of confidentiality, what is your policy on this subject?

We have been in business for more than 12 years and have never encountered any problems related to confidentiality because we have implemented systems that ensure the utmost discretion. Clients sign a contract with our company that guarantees confidentiality. Our teams sign charters. Our premises are monitored. Documents scanned on the net are encrypted.

Is it possible to use a “Courrier Du Voyageur” address for tax returns?

For more than a year, the tax centers have been asking for proof of tax residence in addition to our address because they check the status of French residents. Legal texts can change from month to month and since our creation in 2005, we have had to advise our clients differently depending on their situation. Solutions are possible and it is best that each traveler contacts us, he will be advised at best according to the latest legislation in force.

Do you have an offer for our readers who would like to use your services?

If a customer comes from you (specifying your last name: Moingt), and he registers for 12 months, we can offer him 1 month of free subscription.

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