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Internet connection speed/rate in several countries of the world

As digital nomads, we have total geographical freedom on one condition: to have a proper internet connection.
This is especially true for us who have a business that requires large file downloads and uploads, regular calls or video-conferences with our customers.
It isn’t always easy to find reliable information on flows in some countries.
So I got into the habit of regularly measuring the performance of our internet connections with the android Speed Test application.
Here are the results of the readings. Click on the country you are interested in to get the details.
Disclaimer These aren’t “scientific” tests, the connection speed depends on many factors (distance from the wifi terminal / relay antenna, number of people connected simultaneously, …).
The idea is to give you orders of magnitude of the performance you can expect but also to judge the stability of the connections.
For comparison, Skype recommends 1.5 MB / second of upload and download speed for an HD video call.

Country Max download speed (MB / second) Download speed min (MB / second)
Spain 36 18
Cambodia 36 2
Thailand 33 1
Vietnam 83 0,01
Japan 92 0,05

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