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Test & review of the sento Minatoyu in Tokyo (Japan)

To find out how a session in an Onsen takes place, it’s this way.
We continue to explore the sentos near our Airbnb in Tokyo.

This time we are testing the sento Minatoyu.
As usual we take off our shoes and leave them in a locker (no room needed).

No automatic machine, we buy our tickets at the counter: 460 yens, shampoo and soap are included in the price.
A 100 yen coin is needed to close the lockers in the locker room.
The sento is all clean, all modern but it is small, every square meter is exploited, we are in Tokyo 🙂
In spite of a certain promiscuity, the sento Minatoyu is quite pleasant.
It is composed of 4 alluring baths from 18°C to 45°C, which starts to sting. Be careful, a small part of the biggest bath is electric, don’t be fooled.
The sento also has a sauna, which requires you to ask for a key for an additional 400 yen when you buy the ticket. Not being aware of it, I didn’t take advantage of it.
A very nice neighborhood sento where we will probably return.
Rates: 460 yen, shampoo and soap included. 400 yens more to access the sauna.
Hours: Every day from 3:00 p.m. to midnight 30 a.m. Closed on Saturdays.
Tattoos prohibited.

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